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IoT applications need a solid foundation

With the advancement of the 5G network, enterprise digitalization comes to a new era. Carriers take advantage of their infrastructure to provide end-to-end IoT solutions for customers. Cross-industry, cross-network, and cross-protocol massive device access capability become a key element for telecom operators to build a unified IoT DMP/AEP platform and improve enterprise services.

Edge-side enhancement

Telecom operators rely on the advantages of 5G networks to deploy edge clouds, empower vertical industries, and provide low-latency edge applications. How to provide message and stream processing capabilities for edge-cloud collaboration cores and help operators build integrated 5G MEC services has become key to IoT construction in the telecommunications industry.


Cross-industry, cross-network, and cross-protocol

EMQ’s solution utilizes 4G, 5G, and NB networks, connects devices and applications via MQTT, MQTT-SN, LwM2M, CoAP, HTTP WS, and other protocols, and provides services to diverse industries in a unified way.

Cross-industry, cross-network, and cross-protocol

10 million level device connection and million level TPS throughput

EMQ’s distributed platform architecture interconnects 10-million-level devices and handles million-level message exchanging.

10 million level device connection and million level TPS throughput

High security and high availability

EMQ’s products support TLS and DTLS and together with a flexible ACL, provide high-level data security and integrity. The distributed architecture ensures high availability of service.

High security and high availability

Edge-cloud collaboration

EMQ provides an industrial protocol gateway and stream computing ability at the edge. It collaborates with message services, stream services, data storage on the cloud, which provides end-users with an edge-cloud collaboration solution under KubeEdge, K3S or EdgeManger frameworks.

Edge-cloud collaboration


Multiple protocol support

EMQ provides unified device and data access for multiple protocol cross networks.

10-million level connection

10-million level interconnections and million-level TPS throughput ensures that carriers build their DMP/AEP platform that can serve the enterprise users.

High availability, extensibility and security

High availability, extensibility, and security of EMQ’s solution, fulfills the integration requirements of many different industries.


EMQ works with carriers closely and provides specialized and customized solutions for carriers, continuously improving the delivery capacity to end-users.