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Discovering the data value

In the IoT era, devices generate massive valuable data. Traditional IT software has been unable to meet the needs of data access and processing in IoT use cases. ICT companies need IoT-oriented infrastructure software to support the connection, transferring, processing, and analysis of data, and to discover more data value.

Expanding business boundaries

With the development of technologies, new applications are constantly emerging. From the smart home to the industrial interconnection of production, these are all new areas for ICT companies to realize innovation and business expansion. Applying IoT technologies, ICT companies expand their business boundaries to a greater extent.

Speeding up innovation

ICT companies hope to improve the consumption of real-time data and quickly integrate new business scenarios by exploring IoT technologies, which requires ICT companies to have more efficient data access, data consumption data distribution, and data processing capability.


Cloud-native IoT Hub

EMQ provides high-performance, high-concurrency, and high-availability IoT device access and application integration capabilities based on cloud-native architecture, helping ICT companies build IoT Hubs with millions to tens of millions of devices connected to the Internet of Things. This allows rapid integration of data and business application systems.

Cloud-native IoT Hub

Data access

EMQ provides access to standard MQTT, LwM2M/CoAP, and other IoT protocols, including proprietary protocols on demand. It helps the ICT company deeply dig into the IoT fields, interconnecting existing applications with new businesses.

Data access

System integration

The flexible and powerful Rule Engine and Stream Processing provided by EMQ helps the CTP users integrate their devices, backend software, and databases freely, accelerating the development of the applications for new business.

System integration

Supporting public, private and hybrid clouds

EMQ’s IoT infrastructural software can be deployed on most public cloud platforms and interconnected with other PaaS services. It can also be deployed in an organization's private cloud to meet the specialized requirements of diverse projects.

Supporting public, private and hybrid clouds


Cloud native design

Speed and agility are important for developing and deploying modern applications. The design of EMQ’s IoT messaging middleware and StreamDB follows the cloud native principle, the technique is well applied in resilient, manageable, and scalable could applications. Applications of different scales can utilize the same set of technologies that meet the challenges of complex business systems that expect rapid growth, better responsiveness, rich features, and less downtime.

Lower cost

EMQ provides easy-to-manage IoT infrastructure software from edge to cloud. The software collaboratively reduces the complexity of IoT applications and lowers operating expenses.

Flexible interconnection

End devices can access the IoT platform on the edge or directly in the cloud. The EMQ infrastructure software couples the different network connections and computing resources between the field equipment side and the data center in many industries.

Agile integration

It provides rich and standardized message interfaces and data storage interfaces, which can quickly connect various business application systems, various middleware and databases, and facilitate the agile development and rapid integration of applications.