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MQTT Testing

IoT Performance Testing Solution

Alongside our partner, XMeter, we provide open-source based IoT performance test solutions, which help you quickly validate concurrent connections, message throughput, stability, and overall capacity. We ensure your IoT platform quality and help you make a reasonable capacity plan for future resources.

Massive Concurrent Connections Test

Support of multiple IoT protocols, including MQTT, LwM2M, CoAP, and more.

Stimulates million level connections and message delivery for all kinds of QoS.

Supports the protocols required by IoT platforms - like HTTP/HTTPS, WebSocket, and TCP.

Visually Edit The Test Scripts, And Create An End-to-end, Scenario-based Script

Easy to use: create test strips through the IDE (integrated development environment)

Local debug and easy-to-locate problems

Stimulate the real user scenario

Highly Extensible

Support for implement complex protocols, based on Java

Extensibility for private protocols

Plug & play-based plug-in extension

Flexible for Deployment & Software Licensing

Cloud platform independent, with support for VM, physical machines, and more.

On-premise deployment with support for intranet application tests.

Can be a one-time software license, or short-term software lease.

Professional IoT Performance Testing Solution

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