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EMQX Cloud BYOC Now Available on AWS: Seamlessly Extend Your MQTT Infrastructure

EMQX Cloud Team
Aug 7, 2023
EMQX Cloud BYOC Now Available on AWS: Seamlessly Extend Your MQTT Infrastructure

We are excited to announce that EMQX Cloud BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) is now available for deployment on AWS (Amazon Web Services). This significant milestone brings a new level of flexibility and convenience to our valued customers, allowing them to leverage AWS's powerful cloud infrastructure while benefiting from EMQX's expertise in managing and optimizing MQTT services.



What is EMQX Cloud BYOC?

EMQX Cloud BYOC empowers enterprises to deploy their EMQX MQTT clusters in their own AWS accounts while entrusting EMQX to handle the management. This means all your data will be securely stored in your AWS data center, catering to the growing demand for data privacy and compliance in modern business scenarios. With EMQX's in-depth knowledge and expertise in MQTT services, businesses can unlock the full potential of their EMQX MQTT servers, streamlining their IoT infrastructure for optimal performance.

Seamless Integration with AWS

With the availability of EMQX Cloud BYOC on AWS, businesses can seamlessly integrate their EMQX MQTT infrastructure into their existing AWS environments. This integration ensures smooth data flow and minimizes any disruptions, making it easier than ever to adopt MQTT for your IoT applications and beyond.

You can enjoy the following benefits with EMQX Cloud BYOC on AWS:

  • Easy Deployment: EMQX Cloud BYOC simplifies the deployment process, enabling you to launch your MQTT clusters in your AWS environment quickly.
  • Enhanced Security: Your data remains within your AWS account, adhering to strict security protocols and providing you with complete control over your sensitive information.
  • Customizability: Enjoy the freedom to tailor your MQTT settings and configurations to align with your specific requirements.
  • Monitoring and Optimization: EMQX O&M team offers comprehensive monitoring and optimization services, ensuring that your MQTT infrastructure is performing at its best.
  • Easy Integration and Data Management: EMQX Cloud BYOC provides seamless integration with external data systems, such as AWS DynamoDB, MySQL, MongoDB, Kafka, and more. Through configurable rules, you can easily process and forward message streams and device events to external systems.

Get Started with EMQX Cloud BYOC on AWS

Getting started with EMQX Cloud BYOC on AWS is a breeze. Simply access the EMQX Cloud Console, choose the AWS platform, and follow our intuitive step-by-step guide to deploy your MQTT clusters effortlessly. You can easily manage and monitor your clusters through the EMQX Cloud Console, providing you with real-time insights and control over your MQTT infrastructure.

Deploy BYOC plan on EMQX Cloud Console

Deploy BYOC plan on EMQX Cloud Console

Unlock the Potential of Your IoT Infrastructure Today

EMQX Cloud BYOC on AWS opens up a world of possibilities for businesses seeking to harness the power of MQTT and AWS. Enjoy the flexibility, scalability, and security that this integration offers while benefiting from EMQX's renowned MQTT expertise.

To learn more about EMQX Cloud BYOC and how it can revolutionize your MQTT experience, visit our website and start your journey toward a seamless and high-performance IoT infrastructure.

Note: The availability of EMQX Cloud BYOC on AWS is subject to region-specific considerations. Please refer to the EMQX Cloud documentation for the latest information.

Read our blog post to learn about BYOC:

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