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EMQX Cloud Serverless is Now Available on Google Cloud in Asia-Pacific Region

EMQX Cloud Team
Nov 8, 2023
EMQX Cloud Serverless is Now Available on Google Cloud in Asia-Pacific Region

We are thrilled to announce that EMQX Cloud Serverless is now available on Google Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region! Users within this region can now create a deployment in seconds and receive a fully managed MQTT service with low latency, thus elevating their IoT businesses.

Expanding Our Coverage Benefits Users Worldwide

EMQX Cloud Serverless clusters utilize a highly resilient and scalable infrastructure that guarantees performance with low latency and high throughput. Its network model establishes a connection through a public network endpoint. To reduce the latency caused by geographical distance, EMQX Cloud Serverless has been expanding its reach to provide a reliable MQTT service.

The Asia-Pacific has been a strategic region for EMQX Cloud Serverless, witnessing a steady growth in users since its release in April. The physical infrastructure in the Asia-Pacific is located in Singapore, presenting an optimal solution for businesses seeking to serve customers throughout Asia. With the addition of this new region, complementing our existing support in North America, EMQX Cloud Serverless is better equipped than ever to adapt to the evolving demands of our global user base.

Simply sign up for EMQX Cloud and select Singapore as your Serverless deployment region. You can then follow our step-by-step guide to create your deployment and enjoy the service.

MQTT Service on Google Cloud

EMQX Cloud Serverless: The Perfect Solution for Startups and Individual Developers

Adopting the cutting-edge Serverless MQTT technology, EMQX Cloud Serverless offers efficiency, scalability, and cost-effectiveness. The following key advantages make it the perfect solution for small businesses, startups, and individual developers:

  • Accelerate your business without the hassle: With just a few clicks, the fully managed MQTT service can be deployed in as little as five seconds, allowing users to focus on development instead of infrastructure maintenance. Furthermore, the auto-scaling architecture ensures a seamless response to fluctuating business demands without manual intervention.
  • Achieve your goals at a minimal cost: The pay-as-you-go pricing model ensures that you only pay for the amount of resources consumed. This is especially suitable for testing scenarios with few connections or applications with unpredictable traffic patterns.

With EMQX Cloud Serverless available on Google Cloud in the Asia-Pacific region, more users can deploy their MQTT service in a secure, compliant, and auto-scaled environment. We invite you to explore the benefits of EMQX Cloud Serverless in the GCP Asia-Pacific region and reach new heights in serving your customers across Asia.

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