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EMQX Newsletter 202103

Apr 2, 2021

In March, the focus of our work was on finalising 4.3 release as well as the design of EMQX Broker 5.0. After three weeks of discussions (marathon meetings), we finally compiled a list of requirements for 5.0. This is exciting news, development of 5.0 is about to start.

4.3.0 coming soon

We have released 4.3-beta.1, 4.3-rc.1, 4.3-rc.2, 4.3-rc.3, 4.3.0 is coming soon, stay tuned.


In March, EMQ open-source team has got in touch with Synopsys Software Integrity Group to seek cooperation so we can provide better security in our products and services.


  • In order to make our open source projects more innovative, active, iterative and efficient, the EMQX team began to formally adopt the RFC process to collect ideas from the community and continue to improve product functions. We named the repository that manages this process EIP ( EMQX Improvement Proposals emqx/eip).
  • We launched the community this month, which helps users in mainland China to collaborate and share more conveniently.
  • This spring in China, we kicked off our campus recruitment with a newly shot a promotional video. Looking forward to more young talent joining us.
  • The online demo conference is continuing to be conducted bi-weekly, supported by multiple development teams and community members.
  • The EMQX team is about to hold the first offline open day event in the Hangzhou office.


  • A dedicated test team is going to help us setup even more automated integration tests in GitHub CI.
  • Our main Erlang project emqx/emqx.git is now passing dialyzer checks for the entire code base.
  • Quicer (the QUIC protocol binding for Erlang/Elixir) project now supports macOS; and more inet/gen_tcp style APIs are added. We are finally about to start the PoC project MQTT-on-QUIC.
  • Kicked off the Rlog project aiming to make EMQX cluster more scalable. Rlog, implemented as a part of the ekka library, will provide a mechanism to asynchronously replicate Mnesia database. See EIP-0004 for more details.
  • jq.erl. jq, de-facto JSON processing standard. Based on the open-source core, we have built a NIF binding which will then be integrated into EMQX's rule engine as a data processing function.
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