EMQ X Newsletter 202103

In March, the focus of our work was on finalising 4.3 release as well as the design of EMQ X Broker 5.0. After three weeks of discussions (marathon meetings), we finally compiled a list of requirements for 5.0. This is exciting news, development of 5.0 is about to start.

4.3.0 coming soon

We have released 4.3-beta.1, 4.3-rc.1, 4.3-rc.2, 4.3-rc.3, 4.3.0 is coming soon, stay tuned.


In March, EMQ open-source team has got in touch with Synopsys Software Integrity Group to seek cooperation so we can provide better security in our products and services.


  • In order to make our open source projects more innovative, active, iterative and efficient, the EMQ X team began to formally adopt the RFC process to collect ideas from the community and continue to improve product functions. We named the repository that manages this process EIP ( EMQ X Improvement Proposals emqx/eip).
  • We launched the askemq.com community this month, which helps users in mainland China to collaborate and share more conveniently.
  • This spring in China, we kicked off our campus recruitment with a newly shot a promotional video. Looking forward to more young talent joining us.
  • The online demo conference is continuing to be conducted bi-weekly, supported by multiple development teams and community members.
  • The EMQ X team is about to hold the first offline open day event in the Hangzhou office.


  • A dedicated test team is going to help us setup even more automated integration tests in GitHub CI.
  • Our main Erlang project emqx/emqx.git is now passing dialyzer checks for the entire code base.
  • Quicer (the QUIC protocol binding for Erlang/Elixir) project now supports macOS; and more inet/gen_tcp style APIs are added. We are finally about to start the PoC project MQTT-on-QUIC.
  • Kicked off the Rlog project aiming to make EMQ X cluster more scalable. Rlog, implemented as a part of the ekka library, will provide a mechanism to asynchronously replicate Mnesia database. See EIP-0004 for more details.
  • jq.erl. jq, de-facto JSON processing standard. Based on the open-source core, we have built a NIF binding which will then be integrated into EMQ X's rule engine as a data processing function.
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