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EMQX: Your Next Step in IoT Evolution Post-CloudMQTT

Apr 8, 2024
EMQX: Your Next Step in IoT Evolution Post-CloudMQTT

In light of CloudMQTT's recent End of Life announcement, we at EMQ understand the potential concerns this may raise for its users regarding the continuity and reliability of their IoT deployments. However, we want to reassure all CloudMQTT users that your IoT solutions are in safe hands with EMQ.

EMQ Technologies offers a seamless migration path to our robust EMQX Platform, ensuring that your operations remain uninterrupted. Transitioning to EMQX not only guarantees the continuity of your services but also enhances your deployments with higher levels of performance, compliance, and support.

Seamless Transition to EMQX: A Path Forward

EMQX, our flagship IoT messaging platform, is designed to meet the diverse needs of IoT deployments with its fully managed options:


Perfect for businesses in the early or scaling stages, the Serverless plan promises a hassle-free start with auto-scaling EMQX clusters, catering to moderate connectivity and performance requirements. This plan introduces an efficient Pay-as-you-go model, designed to scale with your usage, ensuring you only pay for what you need—be it session minutes, traffic, or rule actions. This approach allows businesses to manage costs effectively while benefiting from the scalability and robustness of a leading MQTT service.


Our Dedicated plan is tailored for mission-critical applications that demand the highest levels of performance and reliability. It offers a dedicated MQTT cluster within a Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), providing unparalleled service continuity with dedicated resources tailored to high-demand scenarios.

BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud)

Customized for enterprises with specific security and compliance requirements, the BYOC plan permits the deployment of the EMQX Enterprise cluster on your own cloud infrastructure. This plan combines the advantages of your existing cloud solutions with EMQX's comprehensive management and support, ideal for businesses seeking control over their IoT infrastructure.


EMQX stands at the forefront of the MQTT-based messaging domain and is celebrated for its unparalleled scalability and reliability. With the capacity to support 100M+ device connections and process up to 1 million messages per second, all within sub-millisecond latency, EMQX is the platform of choice for over 600 diverse global customers seeking robust IoT solutions.

This platform offers a rich ecosystem of over 40 native integrations, including services like AWS Kinesis, Kafka, MongoDB, and DataDog, enhancing the functionality and seamless interplay within IoT systems. Serving over 20,000 enterprise users and connecting more than 200 million IoT devices, EMQX is not just technology but a beacon of IoT innovation, continuously adapting to drive your digital transformation forward.

Adding to its technical prowess, EMQ's comprehensive support structure is in place 24/7 for both open-source and commercial clients. Our extensive support spans installation, deployment, software updates, debugging, performance tuning, and critical security notifications. EMQX Cloud is fortified with robust security features such as tenant isolation, advanced authentication, authorization, role-based access control, and end-to-end encryption, reinforcing our unwavering commitment to your data's security and privacy. We strictly adhere to international standards like TISAX, SOC, ISO, GDPR, and HIPAA-related data compliance, as detailed in our Trust Center, ensuring that your digital infrastructure is both powerful and protected.

With EMQX, you gain more than a platform; you gain a partnership in securing and scaling your IoT ambitions.

Looking Forward

This announcement marks the beginning of our two-part blog series. While today we introduce EMQX as a robust alternative for CloudMQTT users, our upcoming post will provide a detailed, step-by-step migration guide to help you transition smoothly and leverage EMQX’s advanced features for your IoT deployments.

Stay tuned, and rest assured, your IoT deployments are in capable hands with EMQX.

For further information and to begin your transition to a more reliable, scalable, and compliant IoT messaging platform, visit our website or contact our support team.

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