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Experience Neuron Industrial IoT Gateway Software for Free with Time-Unlimited Trial License

Neuron Team
May 6, 2023
Experience Neuron Industrial IoT Gateway Software for Free with Time-Unlimited Trial License


Neuron is an industry IoT gateway software that enables industrial devices with essential IoT connectivity capabilities. With minimal resource utilization, Neuron can communicate with diverse industrial devices through the standard or its dedicated protocols, realizing the multiple device connections to the Industrial IoT platform.

To enable users to verify their IIoT systems more easily, Neuron v2.4.4 provides a time-unlimited free trial license. Users can now experience the full connectivity capabilities of Neuron at no cost from this version.

Various Drivers Available for Industrial Connectivity

Neuron is an open-source project that embraces collaboration and community contribution. The core framework, dashboard, and a selection of driver modules, including widely-used Modbus-TCP and MQTT, are available as open source under the LGPLv3 license.

For those who demand more dedicated protocol connectivity, Neuron provides a range of commercial drivers catering to various industrial and common PLC protocols. These drivers include BACnet, KNXnet/IP, IEC-104, IEC-61850, Mitsubishi 1E and 3E, Siemens S7 and Fetch-write, Omron Fins TCP, Beckhoff ADS, and more. With these drivers, Neuron ensures seamless integration of various industrial devices and facilitates data communication and management.

Try Any Drivers For As Long As You Want

Previously, users needed to download from EMQ official website or contact us directly to obtain a trial license for Neuron, limited to 1000 data tags, 100 connections, and 15 days. It was insufficient for many developers to thoroughly test and verify their work with commercial drivers.

The latest release offers an embedded, time-unlimited free trial license with a 30-data tag limitation. All you need to do is to download the latest version of Neuron's docker images or installation package and start using it immediately!

Download here:

Download Neuron

This new embedded trial license provides a flexible small-scale solution for developers to explore and evaluate Neuron's capabilities without any time restrictions.


Neuron v2.4.4 allows users to experience its commercial connectivity capabilities with the time-unlimited trial license. We understand the challenges faced by Industrial IoT developers, and now you can take the time to adapt and debug your system with small-scale data collection to ensure that basic functions work properly.

Try Neuron's latest release for free today and experience the benefits of enhanced industrial connectivity.

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