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Solicitation notice for quality articles

Apr 15, 2022
Solicitation notice for quality articles

EMQ always believes in the power of openness, sharing and cooperation. In addition to advanced products and services, we persevere to provide valuable content to community users, hoping to help developers in various fields explore the world of IoT. At the same time, we look forward to seeing friends in the community exchange ideas and share knowledge, and we welcome thoughtful, innovative and practical high-quality content submissions.

For those who want to share their practical experience and in-depth insights in IoT and open source with more people through the EMQ community, please refer to the information provided below.

Suggested topics

Content that pertains to the following will be more likely to be accepted:

EMQ products

  • Best practices for EMQ products: best practices for EMQX features in different scenarios, best practices for EMQX cluster deployment, etc.

    References: Sticky session load balancing

  • User cases for EMQ products in production environments: the application of EMQ products by users in actual production, including business background, specific solution architecture, the application of EMQ products and specific achievements, etc.

    References: SAIC Volkswagen and EMQ create a new generation of intelligent Internet of Vehicles systems

  • Innovative use of EMQ products: the integrated application of EMQ products with new technologies, new concepts and new products, or innovative projects enabled using EMQ products. The content should include a detailed introduction of the overall solution and the specific use of EMQ products.

    References: The converged application of EMQX + CNN in AIoT

The contents should be mainly based on EMQX. It’s ok to combine with other EMQ products, such as HStreamDB, Neuron, NanoMQ, eKuiper, etc.

Internet of Things

  • Technical content that can provide reference to IoT developers, such as selection reference of relevant products and technologies, common architecture design and best practices of various scenarios, innovative solutions, etc.

    References: Evaluation for popular online public MQTT broker

  • In-depth content related to the MQTT protocol: MQTT in industry scenarios, the application of MQTT with other technologies, etc.

    References: Application of MQTT protocol in oil & gas industry

  • In-depth insights on IoT industry: interpretation of relevant policies, forecasting of development trends, interpretation of emerging technology integration, etc.

Streaming/Edge computing

Manuscript requirements

  • The length (excluding the code) between 1,000 and 3,000 words is recommended.
  • The manuscript should be written in Word or Markdown format.
  • The attached images should be clear, without copyright risk.
  • The manuscript must be original to the author, and has not been published on other platforms (the consequences caused by multiple submissions of one manuscript shall be borne by the author).
  • Once the manuscript is accepted, the author will receive a standard compensation of $0.50/word(pretax, counted by the final published version) and become an EMQ certified honorary author.
  • Upon submission of the manuscript, it is deemed that the author agrees to authorize EMQ the right of online dissemination of the author’s work. Accepted manuscripts will be signed by the original author, and licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0. Reprints on other platforms must indicate that these are “reprinted from EMQ”.
  • EMQ has the right to reprint and publish the manuscript on all its other content platform accounts at the same time, without paying additional compensation.
  • EMQ has the right to appropriately delete and edit the content of the accepted manuscript, according to its own brand content specifications and standards.

Requirements for payment of royalties:

  • The agreement signed by both parties;
  • An invoice issued by the payee to "Hangzhou EMQ Technologies Co., Ltd." with the item, date and other necessary information.

Submission process

Please send the manuscript and relevant images (if any) to marketing@emqx.io as a packaged attachment, and indicate "Contribution" in the subject of the E-mail. Attach the author's biography and valid contact information(E-mail address/LinkedIn) in the body of the E-mail, and provide a brief background and summary of the manuscript. This will help us better understand and evaluate the manuscript.

The authors of manuscripts that have passed the preliminary review will be contacted by us to communicate the follow-up matters. If no reply is received within one month after the manuscript is submitted, this means that the manuscript was not accepted. The author can process the manuscript separately.

This solicitation will be valid for a long time without deadline. We look forward to your excellent content.

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