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EMQ X Newsletter 202104

In April, EMQ X 4.3-beta.5 release summed up all the fixes has to be done before 4.3.0 release. This allowed us to gradually shift our focuses towards 5.0 development.

EMQ X Newsletter 202103

In March, the focus of our work was on finalising 4.3 release as well as the design of EMQ X Broker 5.0

Streaming database HStreamDB is officially open sourced

HStreamDB is a streaming database designed for streaming data, managing from accessing, storing, processing to distributing large-scale real-time data streams.

The EMQ X open source project officially adopts the RFC

To make our open source projects moving forward in a more innovative, positive, and efficient rapid iterative state, the EMQ X team announced that started to officially adopt the RFC process to collect suggestions from the community and to continuously improve the product's functions.

We’re gearing for community - EMQ X project newsletter 202102

Thanks to a great community & fantastic dedicated EMQX open-source team, we are developing features & fixes at a break neck pace.

EMQ X project newsletter 202101

Hello! This is our very first newsletter to share what’s happening in EMQ X open-source team.

2019 Smart China Expo - EMQ & Intel MEC IoT Edge Solution

The 2019 China International Intelligence Industry Expo (hereinafter referred to as the 2019 Intelligence Expo) was held in Chongqing International Expo Center from August 26 to 29, 2019. At the invitation of the Organizing Committee of the Expo, Intel Corporation attended the exhibition and created the "Intel Intelligence Innovation Zone".