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Your Next Move: A Strategy for Upgrading from EMQX Standard

Apr 1, 2024
Your Next Move: A Strategy for Upgrading from EMQX Standard

Starting March 30, 2024, the EMQX Dedicated - Standard Plan will no longer be available. This article will guide you in understanding EMQX products and assist you in choosing a suitable alternative to the Standard plan.

Steadfast & Secure: The EMQX Dedicated Promise

If your deployment requires a dedicated cloud service environment with stringent security requirements, we recommend selecting the Dedicated plan. This plan is hosted within an independent Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), guaranteeing an exclusive and reliable environment not shared with other users.

Additionally, the Dedicated plan includes an EMQX cluster with multiple nodes to ensure continuous service delivery, even if one node experiences downtime, thereby maintaining system stability.

Performance at Scale: The Power of EMQX Dedicated

For deployments requiring a substantial number of connections, upwards of 1000 clients or more, we recommend the Dedicated plan. Its connection capacity far exceeds that of the Standard plan, supporting over 10,000 connections. An upcoming tier will also cater to 3000 connections, addressing various connection scenarios.

The Dedicated plan utilizes advanced cloud servers and optimizes its architecture to meet high-performance demands, offering superior support for scenarios requiring high throughput and concurrency.

Serverless MQTT: Simplicity Meets Efficiency

Businesses in their early stages, with moderate connectivity and performance needs, and seeking standard MQTT connection services at a competitive price, will find the Serverless option most fitting. Serverless provides fully managed MQTT services, including connection management, monitoring, access control, data integration, and more, under a pay-as-you-go billing model. This model includes session minutes, traffic (bandwidth), and rule actions, enabling cost-effective deployments.

The BYOC Advantage: Crafting Compliance on Your Terms

The BYOC (Bring Your Own Cloud) plan allows customers to deploy the EMQX cluster on their cloud infrastructure while still receiving management by the EMQX team, thus meeting specific security and compliance requirements. Choose your preferred cloud provider and infrastructure, ensuring alignment with your business needs and retaining full organizational control. The EMQX team offers customized maintenance services and round-the-clock technical support.

EMQX Plan Breakdown: Serverless, Dedicated, & BYOC Options Explained

Serverless Dedicated BYOC
Performance Automatically adjusts to business needs, suitable for small-to-medium projects, supporting up to 1,000 concurrent connections. Independent deployment, ensuring a higher performance guarantee, ideal for enterprise-level projects. Performance is determined by the chosen cloud provider and infrastructure, making it suitable for projects with specific performance requirements.
Cost Charges are based on actual usage, making it ideal for projects with limited budgets and smaller projects. Costs are relatively higher but provide independent deployment and professional support, justified for projects requiring high performance and stability. Costs are dependent on the chosen cloud provider and infrastructure, fitting projects with particular security and compliance needs.
Customization Offers a relatively low level of customization, appropriate for general use cases and supports the standard MQTT protocol. Highly customizable to meet the special requirements of enterprise-level projects. Allows high levels of customization by choosing cloud provider and infrastructure, suitable for projects with unique requirements.

Mapping Out Your Ideal EMQX Plan Strategy

We hope this article assists you in finding the optimal solution and a suitable alternative to the EMQX Standard plan.

For further details and assistance, please visit the official EMQX Platform website or contact our technical support team. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality of support to meet your needs.

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