For a leading company in the intelligent service robot industry, with years of accumulation in indoor positioning and navigation, intelligent robot movement, big data processing, young and diversified team, keen market judgment, and solid product and engineering capabilities, it has provided intelligent solutions for many well-known enterprises, government administrative service institutions, internet companies, robot research institutions, community service and other scenarios. In the service robot scenario, this company adopts the cloud data access solution for robots and smart devices provided by EMQ, enabling many complex services to obtain the basis for data access and transmission.


Real-time data interaction

In the intelligent service robot scenario, in addition to providing services to customers through its own intelligent algorithm, the robot also needs to interact with various intelligent devices through the server at any time, so that the robot can obtain the ability to provide flexible services for different scenarios. How to achieve real-time data on the cloud in the mobile scenarios and ensure the real-time interaction with various devices and systems is a key technical challenge.

Algorithm training data collection

Intelligent service robots need to deeply learn about specific business operation data according to different business scenarios, continuously optimize the intelligent algorithm model, achieve rapid algorithm iteration, and improve service capabilities. How to upload massive amounts of operation data and quickly apply optimized algorithms to production and operation equipment needs to be considered and implemented in the cloud-edge platform architecture.


In the service robot scenario, this company uses EMQX message middleware as the platform-edge message bus, which provides a high-speed and stable data channel for message transmission between service robots, hotel elevators, telephones and other types of equipment.

Stable data transmission

The low-latency message routing capability of EMQX ensures the rapid transfer of real-time business data between devices and systems. It ensures the safety and reliability of message transfer under mobile networks by providing heartbeat mechanism, will messages, and QoS message control.

High availability of platform

Through EMQX's multi-node distributed cluster deployment, high-availability data access capabilities are realized to ensure the stable operation of the service platform.

Provide high-quality training data sources

The high throughput data bridging capability provided by EMQX guarantees the real-time data docking of a large number of devices with the background AI training system.


The service robot IoT data access platform based on EMQX provides stable and efficient data access services for the company in the digital upgrade service of the national hotel industry. It helps this company cover more than 5000 end customers and continue to expand at a rate of more than a thousand more per month. At present, it has become a unicorn in the service robot industry and is developing steadily towards the industry's leading company.

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