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EMQ and SAP join forces to empower a sustainable, intelligent, and connected world

Jul 14, 2022

EMQ and SAP join forces to empower a sustainable, intelligent, and connected world

EMQ Technologies, today announced it had joined SAP’s Strategic Alliance for Sustainable Development and Practice with IBM, Deloitte, and other global partners. The partnership advances EMQ’s mission to serve the future of human society through world-class software and will help both parties roll out new mission-critical IoT solutions targeting sustainability.

As a global software giant and pioneer in sustainability, SAP upholds its commitment to helping the world achieve net-zero carbon emissions by delivering a suite of software solutions that address the needs of sustainable business operations. Over 400,000 global organizations in 180+ countries use its systems to drive sustainability at scale.

EMQ is an innovative open-source technology provider that has built a strong track record in MQTT-based critical infrastructure solutions. EMQ’s flagship product EMQX is used by thousands of companies worldwide to manage their IoT projects.

By entering this strategic alliance, EMQ will join forces with global partners to accelerate tech-enabled digital transformations that create sustainability in all dimensions for business, as well as build a healthier planet and society together.

EMQ co-founder and COO, Hongyu Bao said: ”This collaboration sets another milestone for EMQ, following the partnership with SAP on an integrated carbon reduction solution last year. Together with SAP, we will co-develop more industry-leading sustainable IoT infrastructure solutions for global organizations in the future.”

Teaming Up to Construct Green IoT Solutions

Global warming has become a frontline issue in the world today. The G20 countries are taking action to reach net-zero emissions targets (PDF) and global problems require global solutions.

Over the previous year, EMQ has collaborated with SAP on developing a Green IoT solution that helps global organizations realize their zero-emission ambitions.

Both parties use their respective technological advantages in the field of digital transformation and IoT data connectivity to jointly build a digital platform for carbon emissions reduction.

SAP has long experience helping businesses execute their initiatives towards reducing their carbon footprint and achieving sustainability targets, while EMQ contributes data-driven IoT architectures that easily scale to monitor massive amounts of data quickly and reliably across multi-cloud and edge environments.

The integrated Green IoT solution uses the EMQ X IIoT Suite rule engine to interface with SAP Event Mesh (SAP Enterprise Messaging) and transmits carbon footprint data to the SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) for analysis.


EMQX IIoT Suite is an industrial IoT foundation for client access and stream data pre-processing, including multi-protocol device integration using Neuron and the EMQX Enterprise MQTT broker, which is capable of 100 million concurrent connections and millions of data per second throughput. Its powerful rules engine can be used to transfer industrial energy consumption data, manufacturing process data, emissions data, and new energy production data to various data platforms, enabling one-stop data extraction, filtering, conversion, and processing.

It is perfectly integrated with the SAP BTP platform and combines the advantages of SAP Analytics Cloud visualization to show all key indicators related to control of carbon footprint, thus realizing intelligent carbon emission management.

Contributing to a better future

Reducing carbon emissions is both corporate responsibility and a global issue. EMQ and SAP's carbon-neutral integration solution can not only help enterprises toward digital transformation goals but also promote the green economy and the health of society.

Building on these achievements, the joint EMQ and SAP development team will also work closely on exploiting more promising technologies that help the world run better and improve people's lives.

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