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eMQTT Has Been Permanently Changed to EMQX

Sep 20, 2022

eMQTT Has Been Permanently Changed to EMQX

Dear Valued Customers, Investors and Partners:

PLEASE BE ADVISED THAT the domain www.emqtt.io is NOT related in any way to EMQ Group or any company within EMQ Group. The abovementioned website has illegally used EMQ’s name and logo to imitate EMQ’s official website, which is deceptive.

To further strengthen our coherent global branding strategy, EMQ has registered and officially owned two domain names since 2018.

We hereby inform you that our official websites are:

Please update any links on your website to point to these domains.

As you may know, our flagship product, EMQX, was previously known as eMQTT. Since R3.0, the name has officially changed to EMQX (View it on GitHub: https://github.com/emqx/emqx). The change of domain name ensured the consistency of the EMQX product portfolio and brand image and is more convenient for our customers, investors and partners to remember. A great deal of work has taken place over the past few years to ensure the long-term reliability of our new website.

Beloved by global users since its original release in 2013, EMQX is regarded as the world’s most scalable and reliable open-source MQTT messaging platform, which is why it has been widely adopted in hundreds of mission-critical IoT scenarios, including Internet of Vehicles, Industrial IoT, Carrier, Finance, Energy, and Smart City.

So far, EMQ has issued 200+ product releases. Its latest version, EMQX 5.0, is the world’s first to introduce the implementation of MQTT over QUIC and the first distributed MQTT broker to support 100M concurrent IoT device connections in a single cluster as well. As of this year, EMQX boasts more than 20K+ global users across 50+ countries and territories, connecting 100M+ IoT devices on the planet.

EMQ is forecasting enormous growth in the coming years and we are striving to create a better online experience for our customers. Meanwhile, we are committed to providing the same products and satisfactory service on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

Your attention and update on the above change are highly appreciated. We apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

As always, please feel free to contact us if you have any concerns about this. We would appreciate any kind of feedback. You can also reach us anytime on Facebook and Twitter.

Respectfully yours,

EMQ Technologies Inc.

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