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Edge-Cloud Collaboration

One platform manages cloud-edge services for bidirectional data movement.

Multi-Tenancy Support

Protect your data security with our multi-tenant architecture.

Multi-cluster Management

Managing multiple clusters through project-based management and optimizing resource utilization using one floating license.

Flexible Deployment Options

Run EMQX ECP on any cloud of your choice, whether it’s private, public or hybrid cloud.

Enterprise-grade security

RBAC, SSO, Link Encryption and Operational logs with auditing ensure enterprise-grade security.

Ops Friendly

Improve your operational efficiency with ECP’s powerful observability and alerting system.

Product Architecture

Product Architecture

Scenarios and Solutions

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Unified Management

EMQX ECP can manage all EMQX products from edge to cloud and centrally manage MQTT data and services.

One-stop Solution

The EMQX ECP management suite provides comprehensive support for full-lifecycle management within enterprises. This includes multi-tenant, project management, cluster management, and various related features.

Maintenance and Security

EMQX ECP comes equipped with a range of features designed to ensure optimal data security and efficiency across enterprise operations, including comprehensive monitoring, alerts, and security auditing.


One floating license can be used for multiple clusters and edge services, leading to marked improvements in both resource usage and cost effectiveness.

Platform Capabilities

Cloud-Edge Management

  • Multi-Cluster Management
  • Access management of Edge data acquisition
  • Remote Configuration for Edge Services
  • Lifecycle management of Edge Services

Efficient Operations and Maintenance

  • Batch Operations at Edge
  • EMQX Cluster Scaling
  • Centralized monitoring and logging
  • Health checking and fault recovery

Enterprise-grade features.

  • Auditing
  • Multi-Tenant
  • Projects-Role Based Security
  • Single Sign On