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Data Platform for IIoT

Unified access to vast industrial data with interoperability, driven by data and AI for production monitoring, control, and decision-making, achieving intelligent production, and enhancing efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Software-Defined Manufacturing

Software-Defined Manufacturing integrates digital technologies like the IOT, big data, and AI into the manufacturing process. It uses data as its core for production monitoring, decision optimization, and intelligent manufacturing, ultimately improving efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Eliminating Data Silos

Unified Namespace (UNS) is employed to unify the vast amount of factory data, enabling interoperability between OT and IT systems, connecting them from the edge to the cloud and effectively eliminating data silos.

Industrial Artificial Intelligence

Transfer manufacturing data to the cloud in real-time for AI/ML training.Deploy and apply the trained ML models to the factory floor from the cloud.

Real-time Analysis

Supporting real-time streaming data processing and forwarding, real-time edge-based raw data preprocessing, filtering, and analysis reduce latency, conserve bandwidth, and offload computational tasks from cloud platforms.

Cloud-Edge Collaboration

Seamlessly integrated with cloud platforms, it provides full lifecycle management of edge software, unified remote configuration, and management. Real-time remote monitoring allows for timely identification of operational anomalies to ensure system reliability.

Seamless Integration

It adapts to and integrates with on-site hardware, network infrastructure, and more. Whether it's servers, industrial PCs, or gateway hardware and various network environments, it can be deployed and used without being constrained by hardware manufacturers.



Platform Capabilities

Accelerated Deployment

In response to the large-scale device connectivity needs in industrial scenarios, ECP supports the batch creation and management of hundreds of edge service instances in environments like Kubernetes and Docker. This allows real-time data acquisition and edge computing tasks, supports edge service configuration management, and batch configuration distribution, expediting the rapid deployment and implementation of IIoT projects.

End-to-End Lifecycle Management

ECP provides a unified management platform for remote management of edge services, supporting batch deployment, upgrades, start-stop operations, and simplifying on-site operations through remote management, fault diagnosis, software and algorithm updates.

Efficient Operations and Maintenance

ECP offers unified monitoring, alerting, and logging services for edge services, supporting alert rule configuration and email notifications to enhance operational efficiency in industrial environments.

Security and Control

For enterprise users, ECP provides multi-organization and multi-project management capabilities. It also meets the authentication security and operational auditing needs of enterprise users.

Scenarios and Solutions

  • Smart Manufacturing
  • Energy and Power
  • Oil and Petrochemical
  • Steel and Metallurgy

Smart Manufacturing

ECP efficiently collects data from various industrial devices, processes this data intelligently, and optimizes it, thereby achieving precise production planning, improved quality control, and predictive maintenance. ECP provides industrial enterprises with real-time decision-making capabilities, helping them move towards intelligent production, improving efficiency, quality, and sustainability.

Smart Manufacturing