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MQTT Platform for Healthcare & Life Sciences

Empowering real-time data collection, transmission, analysis, and AI/ML model training with MQTT and IoT solutions.

Four Digital Challenges in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Interoperability and Data Integration

Interoperability and Data Integration

Different healthcare systems and devices often use different standards and protocols, making data interoperability and integration from diverse sources complex and challenging.

Integration of AI/ML

Integration of AI/ML

While AI and ML are promising in healthcare and life sciences, incorporating these technologies into existing workflows and systems poses challenges.

Scalability and Infrastructure

Scalability and Infrastructure

As healthcare and life sciences generate vast amounts of data, organizations require scalable edge-to-cloud infrastructure for effective storage, processing, and analysis of this information.

Data Governance and Management

Data Governance and Management

Ensuring data quality, standardization, interoperability, and sharing while complying with privacy regulations can be complex and resource-intensive.

Connecting Hospitals, Labs, and Patients in Real Time

EMQ offers the healthcare industry a modern, proven, secure MQTT platform that connects and integrates medical devices and data systems in real-time from labs and hospitals to the cloud.

Connecting Hospitals, Labs, and Patients in Real Time

Why MQTT Platform for Healthcare and Life Sciences

Real-time Data Monitoring

  • Enable remote patient monitoring and timely interventions.
  • Facilitate continuous data collection for accurate and up-to-date insights.
  • Enhance healthcare providers' ability to monitor vital signs, medication adherence, and overall patient well-being.

Seamless Integration of Medical Devices

  • Effortlessly integrate medical devices into the healthcare ecosystem.
  • Enable interoperability and data sharing among different devices and systems.
  • Streamline workflows by automating data collection and eliminating manual data entry.

Secure Data Transmission and Compliance

  • Ensure the highest level of data security and privacy.
  • Implement robust encryption and authentication protocols.
  • Adhere to industry regulations and standards, such as HIPAA and GDPR, for data protection and compliance.

Scalability and Flexibility

  • Accommodate growing data volumes and diverse healthcare environments.
  • Easily integrate with existing healthcare systems and infrastructure.
  • Adapt to evolving industry needs and technological advancements.

Use Cases

Real-time Medical Lab

Real-time data monitoring, instrument control, and communication among medical devices within medical labs and data management systems in the cloud.

Remote patient monitoring

Connect wearable devices, home monitoring equipment, and healthcare systems. Transmit patient data to healthcare providers in real-time for remote monitoring and timely intervention.

Telemedicine and virtual care

MQTT aids secure telemedicine by enabling the exchange of medical data, EHRs, and multimedia streams for remote care and diagnosis.

Medical device integration

Integrate medical devices like pumps, ventilators, and monitors into a network for seamless data exchange and remote management.

Clinical trial monitoring

Collect and transmit data from clinical trial participants, covering vital signs, medication adherence, and adverse events, to ensure data accuracy and compliance.

Healthcare facility management

Monitor and control environmental conditions within healthcare facilities, ensuring optimal conditions for patient safety and regulatory compliance.

Emergency response and disaster management

MQTT enables instant alerts and communication during emergencies, transmitting critical data to healthcare providers and responders.

Medication management and adherence

Monitor and track medication usage and adherence, transmitting data from smart devices to healthcare providers for necessary intervention.

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