Safe access to a large number of car systems

The new generation of intelligent car connection system covers car data uploading, POI sending, pushing files, sending configuration, pushing messages, operation care, and other new car networking business, which generates a large number of messages. Topics need more secure and stable access and transmission to achieve message subscription and distribution.

Ensure the real-time and reliability of messages in the complex network environment

Some scenarios, such as remote configuration (remote car control), involve complex network environments and have high requirements for message reliability and real-time.

Large concurrent and highly available message communication

Traditional car manufacturers lack experience in the design, development, and maintenance of million-level large concurrent communication systems. In addition, message communication systems built independently face great challenges in terms of system stability and high availability under large concurrent throughput scenarios.

Quickly achieve business system docking

The vehicle side and business platform side of car companies are often operated by independent teams. How to realize the decoupling of the vehicle side and the cloud business platform and efficiently complete the business docking is the key to the timely delivery of the project.


The EMQ-based Smart Telematics system uses MQTT protocol to access data. Through load balancing and EMQ distributed cluster deployment, it can enable 10 million levels of vehicle connectivity and data communication capability, and support TLS/DTLS security protocol to guarantee system reliability and stability.

The powerful message rule engine provides one-stop realization of massive message bridging to Kafka persistence, offline message caching, and other capabilities. In addition it provides rich micro-service APIs for the upper layer TPS and other business platforms to call.

EMQ provides multiple guarantee mechanisms such as heartbeat monitoring, probate messages, QoS level, etc., and realizes real-time, secure, and reliable car-computer message communication in a complex network environment through offline message storage.

The EMQ Telematics solution can realize the loose coupling to the new generation of intelligent Telematics systems and car engines. The OEM Telematics development team only needs to focus on the development of upper-layer applications, and can take advantage of the standard interface capability of the EMQ messaging platform for the message communication between the Smart Telematics system and the vehicle.



  • EMQ provides an efficient and stable underlying framework for the Telematics platform to meet the high availability, high concurrency, and low latency business demands of Telematics systems. This greatly improves the development efficiency and reduces the development and maintenance costs for the Telematics teams.
  • Through one-stop integrated EMQ capability, car manufacturers can efficiently realize message communication and data processing for a series of Telematics applications from the car-end collection, message delivery, message reception and processing, data storage, etc. It guarantees secure access and reliable two-way transmission of messages for massive car systems. Meanwhile, the distributed cluster architecture realizes dynamic horizontal expansion of access capacity and the layered architecture design provides good scalability.
  • EMQ has become the first choice of messaging middleware for large-scale Telematics systems and has been recognized and commercialized by a large number of automotive customers.