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Data and system silos

In the process of logistics transportation management, there are many devices and information systems involved. These systems usually exist independently, making it difficult to share and exchange data. This leads to the problem of data silos, which makes it difficult to form comprehensive logistics information management capabilities.

Low data quality

Data quality in logistics transportation information systems is a major challenge. The data format used in different systems may differ, and the information may be incomplete or inaccurate, which makes it difficult to ensure data quality and accurately reflect the actual situation of logistics business.

Lack of data standards

There are many intelligent devices and information systems related to logistics transportation management, and the data formats between different types of transportation vehicles, intelligent warehousing devices, and systems are inconsistent, making it difficult to exchange and share data.


EMQ's cloud-edge IoT data access and management services provide an integrated solution for logistics transportation management scenarios, from data collection, processing, platform access, to unified management.

Logistics companies' transportation management involves multiple types of devices and sensors, such as transportation vehicles and warehouses, which typically use different communication protocols. Neuron industrial gateway software can be deployed in vehicle devices and logistics warehouse sites to provide access to and conversion of different protocols into the MQTT, enabling high-quality data collection and management of devices and sensors. Through the eKuiper edge computing and edge flow data processing software, logistics companies can unify the data format from multiple data sources.

On cloud side, EMQX enables the unified aggregation of data from different business devices and systems in the logistics industry. It aggregates data from various sources to provide real-time monitoring and analysis results for enterprises, helping logistics companies optimize transportation processes and improve transportation efficiency and quality.

EMQX ECP (Edge to Cloud Platform) provides one-stop edge software configuration, monitoring, and control management services , which is saving a lot of on-site manual configuration and management work and greatly improving operational efficiency.



  • Precise management: EMQ's cloud-edge integrated IoT data access service can aggregate and analyze various data in the transportation process, providing precise data analysis results for enterprises to make transportation management decisions, such as optimizing routes and adjusting cargo loading methods.
  • Improving management efficiency: With EMQ's cloud-edge IoT data management service, logistics companies can achieve automated management of data during transportation, not only improving data management efficiency, but also optimizing transportation processes, improving transportation efficiency, and reducing transportation costs.
  • Improving service quality: Through real-time monitoring and precise management, logistics companies can improve service quality, ensuring timely fulfillment of customer transportation needs and increasing customer satisfaction.