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Access to massive vehicle-mounted units and roadside units

The new generation of vehicle-road coordination scenarios involves massive devices such as vehicle OBU and roadside RSU, and it is necessary to guarantee secure access to them.

Communication of V2X message with high reliability and low latency

Messaging and service processing in vehicle-road coordination scenarios are highly sensitive to latency. V2X message forwarding needs to solve the low-latency reliable transmission of the vehicle-road message at the ms level.

Requirements for end-to-end message tracking and stream computing

More specific scenarios of V2X can be realized by solving message coding and decoding of vehicle-road coordination and efficient multi-data streams to coordinate computing capability.


MEC and Cloud for IoV scenarios. Based on the capability of 5G network slicing, traffic information service with ultra-low latency is realized through nearby access to personal subsystem, vehicle subsystem and roadside unit. Through MQTT, JT808, TCP and other protocols, the information of road conditions perceived by the vehicle and roadside facilities is pushed to the cloud platform, and the intelligent traffic scenarios such as road coordinate perception, safety reminder and remote coordinate control are realized through the cloud control platform combined with V2X algorithm. The cloud control platform can integrate the cluster management function of EMQX ECP to achieve unified management and configuration of multiple EMQX clusters in the MEC layer in the cloud.

It supports international standard TLS/DTLS encryption or national secret algorithm GMSSL encryption, and ensures secure communication of vehicle-road information and coordination by extending authentication system based on PKI/CA certificates.

The powerful rule engine and stream computing engine can realize V2X message processing and real-time triggering of alert events, and analyze the V2X protocol stack through the coding and decoding capability to improve the message processing efficiency of the cloud platform as well.



  • EMQ’s vehicle-road coordination solution based on 5G+MEC+V2X effectively meets the requirements such as mass connectivity, ultra-low latency, ultra-high throughput, and high security and availability of vehicle-road and cloud information service. It is widely used in many national pilot demonstration areas of vehicle-road coordination and regional demonstration areas of vehicle-road coordination with intelligent networks.
  • EMQ provides customers with a proven cloud-edge collaborative infrastructure to quickly build the V2X platform.