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EMQX Cloud is now available in Hong Kong & Taiwan Regions

EMQX Cloud Team
Jun 9, 2022
EMQX Cloud is now available in Hong Kong & Taiwan Regions

Since its release, EMQX Cloud has been adhering to the concept of allowing worldwide users to have a fully managed service with one click, and has been gradually expanded on cloud platforms and deployment regions.

At present, EMQX Cloud supports deployment in the Asia Pacific (Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, Taiwan), the US (Virginia, Oregon), and Europe (Ireland, Finland, and Frankfurt).

Note: Some are only supported in Professional Plan.

With the continuous increase of worldwide customers, we decided to add AWS Hong Kong region and Google Cloud platform Taiwan region to meet the demand for multi-geography deployment, which is convenient for Asia Pacific users to establish a connection with lower latency.



Lower latency

If your target customer is in Hongkong/Taiwan and you choose to deploy in Shanghai, your customer may need some means to access your service, and it is likely to be stuck. This will result in a poor experience for your customers.

Obviously, the closer the deployment region is to the target user, the better the network quality will be guaranteed. The user's access speed will be improved as a result. For customers who need to develop their business in Hongkong/Taiwan, EMQX Cloud that adds deployment support will undoubtedly bring convenience to their business.

More convenient integration experience

If your company's business or device is located in Hongkong/Taiwan, choosing Hongkong/Taiwan as your deployment region will help you connect with existing businesses or devices more easily and obtain a better experience at a lower cost.


In the future, EMQX Cloud will do more extensions in the cloud platform and deployment regions support, and make more efforts in the integration and extension with the third party resources as well. If you have any good suggestions, welcome to tell us through Contact us.

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