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Get Started with EMQX Cloud on the AWS Marketplace with pay as you go

EMQX Cloud Team
Oct 20, 2022
Get Started with EMQX Cloud on the AWS Marketplace with pay as you go

After EMQX Enterprise, we are proud to announce that EMQX Cloud is now also available directly on the AWS Marketplace!

Now you can get up and running using EMQX Cloud on the AWS Marketplace for a self-serve Pay-as-you-go account.

In the near future, we will have more billing models, so stay tuned!

What benefit can I get?

While EMQX Cloud has always been available on AWS, before making it available through the marketplace, you needed to sign up and provide a credit card as a form of payment to get started, which meant having to manage an additional bill in addition to your AWS bill. This could be a point of friction since those of us who are familiar with AWS want the flexibility to focus on development when launching services available for consumption through our existing accounts.

We are happy to say that having two separate bills is no longer necessary, and you can now subscribe to EMQX Cloud with your existing AWS account. And just like that, any consumption of EMQX Cloud will be reflected on your monthly AWS bill.

Having EMQX Cloud through a single, integrated billing model is not the only advantage. As the world's first fully managed MQTT 5.0 public cloud service, EMQX Cloud provides a one-stop O&M colocation and a unique isolated environment for MQTT services. Now you can use EMQX Cloud through AWS marketplace and easily combine it with other AWS services like Amazon S3, Amazon Kinesis, and Amazon Redshift, which allow you to focus on creating and inventing applications.

How to get started quickly through AWS marketplace?


  • An AWS account. You can use EMQX Cloud and get billed directly through AWS.
  • If you have ever registered and used EMQX Cloud commercially, you must use a different email address to subscribe EMQX Cloud through the AWS Marketplace.
  • To purchase you must be logged in to the AWS Marketplace and your AWS account ID must be enabled for purchase by your billing administrator.


  1. Navigate to the AWS Marketplace and search for “EMQX Cloud.”

  2. Find the EMQX Cloud and click Continue to Subscribe.

    EMQX Cloud on the AWS Marketplace

    To pay for EMQX Cloud, AWS has enabled EMQX Deployment(Addition) Consumption Units. Each unit equals $0.01. Pricing in the AWS Marketplace is the same as EMQX Cloud direct pay-as-you-go purchase pricing.

  3. Confirm pricing details and click Subscribe.


  4. Click on Set Up Your Account.

    Set Up Your Account

  5. Provide the necessary information to sign up for EMQX Cloud, then click the Start free trial button.

    EMQX Cloud

    You should receive an email from EMQX Cloud requesting that you verify your email address. After verification, you are automatically logged in to the EMQX Cloud console.

    Note: If you have registered and used EMQX Cloud commercially, you will see a hint below, which means you should use a different email address for subscribing EMQX Cloud through AWS Marketplace.

    EMQX Cloud

  6. Once you have signed up for EMQX Cloud, click Free Trial 14 days to get started with a new EMQX Cloud deployment.

    Free Trial 14 days

Have a try right now

After the simple steps above, you are able to use EMQX Cloud through AWS Marketplace now.

Just follow our guide for beginners to start your journey of IoT development with EMQX Cloud in a few minutes!

Try EMQX Cloud for Free
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