Lightweight and reliable

Compact MQTT packet, enable stable transmission over severely restricted device hardware and high-latency / low-bandwidth network.

Better ecology

Its client and SDK covers all language platforms, it is an Internet of things platform standard communication protocol for AWS IoT Core, Azure IoT Hub and other top cloud vendors, which is an actual standard of Internet of things.

Publish-subscribe model

Based on the publish-subscribe model. The advantage of the publish-subscribe model is the decoupling between the publisher and subscriber: there is no need to build the direct connection between the subscriber and publisher, nor need to on-line at the same time.

Born for the IoT

Provide comprehensive IoT application features such as Heartbeat mechanism, Will message, QoS quality level + offline message, asynchronous mechanism, topic and security management.

Get Started with MQTT


MQTT Broker Setup

Fully Managed

EMQX Cloud is a fully managed MQTT service for IoT and create an MQTT Broker instantly in minutes.



EMQX is a cloud-native, distributed MQTT Broker for IoT, powering event streaming for IoT devices at massive scale.


Testing with MQTT Client

MQTT X provides comprehensive MQTT testing capabilities and helps you develop MQTT services and applications faster.

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MQTT Use Case

EMQ helps SAIC Volkswagen building IoV platform

EMQX provides persistence, southbound message caching, and secure authentication to meet SAIC Volkswagen's IoV platform's needs.

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