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Verifying Kuiper stream processing with MQTT X

This article will use the script and timing function of MQTT X to simulate temperature and humidity data reporting, and combine with EMQ X Edge to verify Kuiper's stream processing function.

Run TensorFlow Lite model with Kuiper function plugin

In this tutorial, we walk you through building a customized Kuiper plugin to leverage a pre-trained TensorFlowLite model.

Release Notes — Kuiper 0.9.1

Kuiper 0.9.1 provides a management console, which can be used for Kuiper node management, stream, rule and plugin visualize edit. It greatly improves the using experience.

Release Notes — Kuiper 0.9.0

Kuiper 0.9.0 includes the stream state management, KubeEdge device model adoption, EdgeX array type support and TDengine database sink support.

Build a private smart home hub with Raspberry Pi

We will use Raspberry Pi + (EMQ X Edge & Kuiper) to build a private smart home hub for implementing the edge computing of device data and reducing leaking the home data.

Use Golang template to customize analaysis result in Kuiper

This article will introduce how to use the data template in the sink to achieve "secondary processing" of the analysis results.

Release Notes — Kuiper 0.5.0

Kuiper 0.5.0 added count window which can be used for window analysis based on count, and more JSON functions support.

Release Notes — Kuiper 0.4.1

Kuiper 0.4.1 supports modifying EdgeX MQTT message bus configurations via Docker environment variables, supports plugin multi-instances and http_pull source.

Control IoT device with EdgeX Kuiper rules engine

This article describes how to use the EMQ X Kuiper rules engine and how to implement controlling IoT devices according to the analysis result.

Kuiper has officially become the EdgeX rule engine

In EdgeX Geneva, EMQ X Kuiper - an SQL based rule engine is integrated with EdgeX. The tutorial introduces how to use Kuiper to process the data from EdgeX.