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EMQX Cloud Extends its Reach: Introducing New Regions for Seamless MQTT Connectivity

EMQX Cloud Team
Jul 11, 2023
EMQX Cloud Extends its Reach: Introducing New Regions for Seamless MQTT Connectivity

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of EMQX Cloud into three new regions, marking a significant milestone in our mission to provide global coverage and empower IoT applications worldwide. EMQX Cloud Dedicated Professional service is now available in Azure West US2, Azure West Europe, and Google Cloud US Central 1 regions, bringing our cutting-edge MQTT messaging capabilities closer to our valued customers in these strategic locations.

Global Coverage in Meeting the Evolving Needs of IoT Applications

Global coverage is crucial for businesses operating in a connected world. IoT deployments are no longer confined to a single location or region; they span across continents, countries, and cities. By offering global coverage, EMQX Cloud enables businesses to connect their MQTT devices and manage their applications with ease, regardless of their physical location and cloud vendors.

The expansion into new regions ensures low-latency communication and improved responsiveness. With EMQX Cloud's presence in multiple regions, businesses can deploy their IoT infrastructure closer to their devices, reducing the distance data needs to travel and enabling real-time data exchange. This reduced latency is vital for time-sensitive applications, enabling businesses to make informed decisions based on up-to-date information.

Google Cloud US Central 1

By supporting Google Cloud US Central 1, businesses in Lowa and the surrounding areas can now access EMQX Cloud's robust MQTT connectivity solutions. This means that organizations operating in agriculture, manufacturing, logistics, and more can harness the full potential of their IoT applications with enhanced performance and reliability.

Google Cloud US Central 1

Azure West US2

Azure West US2 is located in the western part of the United States. This region is known for its advanced technology ecosystem, thriving innovation hubs, and proximity to major cities. The region benefits from Microsoft's state-of-the-art data centers and network infrastructure, ensuring robust connectivity and high availability. It is an ideal choice for businesses seeking to leverage cloud services and accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Azure West US2

With the expansion of EMQX Cloud into Azure West US2, businesses in the western part of the United States can now leverage Azure IaaS and EMQX Cloud MQTT platform's scalability, reliability, and performance to unlock the full potential of their MQTT applications.

Azure West Europe

Azure West Europe is a strategic hub for businesses in countries such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, and other neighboring regions. This Azure region is situated in close proximity to major cities and technology centers, making it an ideal choice for businesses looking to leverage cloud services and drive digital transformation.

Azure West Europe

Data sovereignty is one critical aspect that EMQX Cloud addresses by supporting Azure West Europe. Many businesses operating in Europe have strict data residency requirements and regulations. By hosting their IoT data within the Azure West Europe region, organizations can ensure compliance with data protection laws and maintain control over their sensitive information.


The expansion into new regions brings numerous benefits to our customers. It ensures improved latency, enhanced availability, and localized data processing, enabling MQTT applications to operate efficiently in their respective regions. With EMQX Cloud's support for multiple regions, businesses can confidently expand their IoT initiatives, penetrate new markets, and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

We invite businesses worldwide to leverage our global coverage and embark on a journey of IoT innovation, knowing that EMQX Cloud provides the connectivity, scalability, and reliability needed to succeed in today's interconnected world.

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