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Introducing EMQX Cloud on Microsoft Azure

EMQX Cloud Team
Jul 27, 2021
Introducing EMQX Cloud on Microsoft Azure

EMQ, the leader of open-source and cloud-native distributed MQTT broker for IoT, is pleased to announce that EMQX Cloud is now available on Microsoft Azure.

EMQX Cloud is a fully managed MQTT service built on the worldwide used open-source MQTT broker - EMQX, which has more than 10 million downloads and hundreds of thousands of deployments around the globe.

EMQX Cloud helps our users carry out their IoT projects with MQTT in a simple way, without the burden of deploying and managing the self-managed MQTT service in multiple regions of the cloud.

EMQX Cloud on Microsoft Azure

A Fully Managed, Cloud-Native MQTT Service

EMQX Cloud is a fully managed, cloud-native MQTT service based on the world’s leading open source distributed MQTT broker. EMQX Cloud deploys and manages the MQTT broker cluster for you. Scaling & upgrading your service can be achieved with just a single click.

Connect Any Device

100% MQTT compliant. Supports MQTT v3.1, v3.1.1, and v5.0 as well as other protocols such as MQTT over WebSocket, COAP, LwM2M, MQTT-SN, etc.

Data Security & Privacy

  • Ensure data security with MQTT over TLS/SSL or QUIC
  • Authenticate with LDAP, JWT, PSK, and X.509 certificates.
  • Data privacy protection complies with EU GDPR.

Business-Critical Reliability

Designed for high availability and scalability. Supports up to 10 million devices connections. Perfect service monitoring and early warning.

Multi-Cloud Support

EMQX Cloud deploys MQTT broker on the cloud platform of your choice. No vendor lock-in risks.

Cloud-Edge Collaboration

EMQX Cloud supports collaboration with EMQX Edge stack. Help move data from device to edge gateway and finally to the cloud.

3 Steps to Deploy EMQX Cloud in Azure

After completing the registration on the website, we can have a fully managed MQTT 5.0 service in Azure with one-click operation.

Select Plan

Select Plan

Select Azure and Region

Select Azure and Region

Confirm and Deploy

Confirm and Deploy

Integrate Everything with an IoT Rule Engine

Rule Engine

EMQX Cloud provides a powerful built-in IoT Rule Engine to extract, filter, enrich, and transform IoT data in real-time. Write SQL to process data quickly and flexibly, simplify application development and accelerate business delivery.

Rule Engine

Process Data

In addition, with the support of the rule engine, EMQX Cloud can realize data collection, filtering, conversion, calculation and persistence with a small amount of coding. It can also forward the message to other message servers such as Kafka, RDS, InfluxDB, and MongoDB through rule configuration.

Process Data

Integrate Everything

EMQX Cloud supports integrating with most popular data stores, data analysis systems and message queues such as Kafka, Pulsar, PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, ClickHouse, RabbitMQ, etc.

Easily integrate IoT data with Kafka, RDS, various SQL/NoSQL/time-series databases, and enterprise systems such as Oracle and SAP. Help achieve rapid application integration and business innovation.

Integrate Everything

Start your IoT business with EMQX Cloud

Users from all walks of life can flexibly use EMQX Cloud to build a first-class IoT application platform. EMQX Cloud serves as the transmission channel of the real-time data collected by devices and gateways in various IoT scenarios. After the data is filtered, converted, and calculated through its own rule engine, the data is distributed to cloud applications and data pools to help customers better analyze Process data and provide the best solution.


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  • AIoT

If you have any comments about our service or encounter any problems during the use, please send an email to, and our service team will provide enthusiastic one-on-one support!

To learn more about the EMQX Cloud service, please click here for more information.

Start your IoT business with EMQX Cloud

EMQX Cloud on GCP will be coming soon

EMQ is committed to providing a messaging engine of the Internet of Everything for all industries in the 5G era. In addition to the updated Azure platform, more mainstream cloud platforms have been incorporated into our research and development plan, which will meet with you soon. EMQ is willing to work with users to build competitive IoT platforms and applications for the future.

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