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EMQX Cloud Now Available in AWS Ohio: Deploy Your EMQX Cluster Today

Fan Wang
Mar 31, 2023
EMQX Cloud Now Available in AWS Ohio: Deploy Your EMQX Cluster Today

We're excited to announce that EMQX Cloud, the fully managed MQTT cloud service, is available in AWS Ohio from March 31st, 2023. With this new supported region, users can easily deploy their EMQX Cloud Deployment in AWS Ohio, taking advantage of its location, infrastructure, and security standards.

Why AWS Ohio is a Great Region for EMQX Cluster Deployment

AWS Ohio Region is the latest addition to the EMQX Cloud's growing list of supported regions, which includes US East, US West, EU, and Asia Pacific. By expanding to this region, EMQX Cloud is now able to better serve our customers who have IoT devices located in Ohio or who prefer to have their data stored and processed in this region.

AWS Ohio is strategically located in the heart of the United States, making it an ideal location for businesses that want to serve customers across North America. Moreover, AWS Ohio is built on top of a highly resilient and scalable infrastructure, which provides low latency and high throughput to users.

Getting Started with EMQX Cloud in AWS Ohio

Getting started with EMQX Cloud in AWS Ohio is easy. Simply sign up for EMQX Cloud and select AWS Ohio as your Dedicated-Professional deployment region. You can then follow our step-by-step guide to deploy your EMQX Cluster in AWS Ohio.

MQTT Broker Deployment

If you're new to EMQX Cloud, we recommend checking out our documentation, tutorials, and webinars to learn more about our platform and its capabilities.

Why EMQX Cloud is the Best Choice for Your MQTT Messaging Needs

EMQX Cloud is the best choice for businesses that need a reliable, scalable, and secure MQTT cloud service. With EMQX Cloud, you can easily deploy, monitor, and manage your MQTT infrastructure, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and maintenance.

EMQX Cloud also offers various features and capabilities, such as high scalability, high availability and real-time monitoring, ensuring that your IoT communication infrastructure is always up and running.


With EMQX Cloud now available in AWS Ohio, users can deploy their EMQX Clusters in a secure, compliant, and high-performance environment. Whether you are building smart homes, industrial automation systems, or connected vehicles, EMQX Cloud is the ideal platform for your IoT communication needs. With our support for AWS Ohio Region, you now have even more options for deploying and scaling your EMQX clusters. We encourage businesses to try EMQX Cloud in AWS Ohio today and experience the benefits of our platform.

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