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EMQX Cloud Now Available in AWS Sydney: Deploy Your EMQX Cluster Today

EMQX Cloud Team
Aug 23, 2023
EMQX Cloud Now Available in AWS Sydney: Deploy Your EMQX Cluster Today

We're thrilled to announce that EMQX Cloud, the fully managed MQTT cloud service, has been available in AWS Sydney since August 11, 2023.

The support for AWS Sydney is just the beginning of our efforts in Australia. This region is a great option for customers with IoT devices in the Asia Pacific area. Along with other AWS Asia Pacific areas we support - Singapore, Mumbai, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, we can now offer even more customers low latency and high throughput.

If you need to conduct business in Australia, choosing AWS Sydney region is undoubtedly the best choice, taking advantage of its location, infrastructure, and security standards.

Why is EMQX Cloud the Best Choice for Your MQTT Messaging Needs?

EMQX Cloud is ideal for businesses that need a reliable, scalable, and secure MQTT cloud service. With EMQX Cloud, you can easily deploy, monitor, and manage your MQTT infrastructure, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure and maintenance.

EMQX Cloud also offers various features and capabilities, such as scalability, high availability, and real-time monitoring, ensuring your IoT communication infrastructure is always up and running.

Getting Started with EMQX Cloud in AWS Sydney

It is simple to begin using EMQX Cloud in AWS Sydney. All you need to do is register for EMQX Cloud and choose AWS as your Cloud Platform and Asia Pacific(Sydney) as your Dedicated-Professional deployment region. After that, you can follow our detailed instructions to complete the deployment process.

EMQX Cloud

We suggest those who are unfamiliar with EMQX Cloud explore our documentation, tutorials, and webinars to gain a better understanding of its features.


For those developing smart homes, industrial automation systems, or connected vehicles, EMQX Cloud is an optimal platform for IoT communication requirements. With the support for AWS Sydney Region, users have more options for scaling and deploying their EMQX clusters within a secure, compliant, and high-performance environment. Try out EMQX Cloud today and discover the advantages of it.

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