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EMQX Cloud now officially supports deployment on Google Cloud Platform

EMQX Cloud Team
Sep 27, 2021
EMQX Cloud now officially supports deployment on Google Cloud Platform

Speaking of cloud service platform providers, AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud Platform (hereinafter referred to as GCP) are the three well-deserved giants. Although GCP's market share is slightly lower than AWS and Azure’s, it is deeply loved by many technology companies because of its image of the best cloud for machine learning and AI workload.

So far, EMQX Cloud has successively supported deployment in more than a dozen regions of AWS and Azure. To achieve a completed support list of mainstream cloud platforms, we have recently added the deployment support for Google Cloud Platform with 6 different regional deployments to help users develop more AIoT applications on the GCP platform.

Low latency, high reliability

EMQX Cloud can support up to tens of millions of device connections, process millions of MQTT messages per second, and ensure that message delivery delay is as low as milliseconds through the soft real-time operating system. Google has an exclusive private global optical fiber and layered network, with 18 submarine cables, 27 cloud computing areas and 82 cloud computing available zones worldwide. This avoids the need for GCP to pass through other Pop nodes, saves time at each node, and improves speed and stability. The combination of EMQX Cloud and GCP will undoubtedly lead to an efficient real-time transmission of messages.

High availability

EMQX Cloud adopts the Masterless cluster architecture to ensure the high availability of services. Google provides real-time migration of virtual machines between hosts, enabling enterprise IoT applications to start and run in a 24 * 7 manner. In the case of GCP virtual machine services, software or hardware updates (they need to maintain a high level of security and stability) will not affect service performance, ensuring 99.95% availability of a single instance and 99.99% availability of multiple instances in different regions.

Containerization management and multi-cloud services

According to Flexera's Cloud Status report in 2021, 92% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy and 80% of enterprises have a hybrid cloud strategy. In response to the needs of enterprises for multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, EMQX Cloud provides a unified MQTT cloud service across multiple clouds. It supports more than 20 availability zones of Alibaba Cloud, Huawei Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Amazon Cloud Technology in China, and more than 10 regions of AWS, Azure and GCP platforms overseas. Google's Anthos is a hybrid cloud/multi-cloud management platform that takes Kubernetes as the core. Users deployed on GCP can use Anthos to choose a range of hybrid connectivity options between their local data center and the cloud, which is suitable for any location, budget or bandwidth requirements, as well as dedicated interconnection and partner interconnection.

How to quickly deploy on Google Cloud Platform?

After completing the registration on the website, you can deploy the fully managed MQTT 5.0 service on the Google Cloud Platform with a simple one-click operation.

  1. Select the edition

    Select the edition

  2. Select Google Cloud Platform and related configuration

    Select Google Cloud Platform

  3. Confirmation and deployment

    Confirmation and deployment

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