MQTT 5 New Features and Highlights

MQTT 5 New features

MQTT 5.0 has made major changes based on MQTT 3.1.1 and is not backward compatible.

MQTT 5.0 supports many new features. EMQ X Broker supports MQTT 5.0 protocol from version 3.0. It is the first broker in the open source community to support the protocol specification and is fully compatible with MQTT V3.1 and V3.1.1 protocols.

Highlights of MQTT 5

support User attributes
User attributes
support Topic alias
Topic alias
support Session expiration
Session expiration
support Flow control
Flow control
support Message expiration
Message expiration
support Maximum packet length
Maximum packet length
support Reason codes of all confirmation packets
Reason codes of all confirmation packets
support Optional server function availability
Optional server function availability
support All confirmation message reason strings
All confirmation message reason strings
support Enhanced authentication
Enhanced authentication
support Server disconnection
Server disconnection
support Subscription options
Subscription options
support Payload format and content type
Payload format and content type
support Will delay
Will delay
support Request / response mode
Request / response mode
support Server keeps connected
Server keeps connected
support Shared subscription
Shared subscription
support Assign client identifier
Assign client identifier
support Subscription identifier
Subscription identifier
support Server reference
Server reference

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