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Why EMQX Enterprise

Multiprotocol Support

Connect any device via MQTT, CoAP, LwM2M, WebSocket, or proprietary protocols.

All-in-One Platform

Combine a scalable, distributed MQTT Broker with a powerful built-in IoT Rule Engine.

Business-Critical Reliability

Reliably move, process, and integrate data for business-critical IoT applications.

Integrate Everything

Effortlessly and flexibly integrate IoT data with Kafka, RDS, and enterprise systems.


Connect Any Device at Any Scale

Connect any device via the open standard IoT protocols MQTT, CoAP, and LwM2M. Effortlessly scale to tens of millions of concurrent MQTT connections using an EMQX Enterprise cluster.

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Connect Any Device at Any Scale


Reliably move IoT Data Anywhere

Efficiently move massive telemetry data from IoT devices to the cloud and reliably deliver control messages from cloud to device. Flexible distribute IoT data to various services and databases in the cloud.

Reliably move IoT Data Anywhere


SQL-based Rule Engine to Process IoT Data

Extract, Filter, Enrich, and Transform IoT data in real-time using the powerful built-in Rule Engine. Write SQL to process data quickly and flexibly to simplify application development and accelerate business delivery.

SQL-based Rule Engine to Process IoT Data


Low-code Integrate IoT Data with Everything

Easily integrate IoT data with Kafka, RDS, various SQL / NoSQL / time-series databases, and enterprise systems such as Oracle and SAP. Help to achieve rapid application integration and business innovation.

Low-code Integrate IoT Data with Everything


100% MQTT Compliant
100% MQTT Compliant
  • 100% compliant with MQTT v5.0 and v3.x standards.
  • Fully supports QoS0, 1 & 2 of MQTT message delivery.
  • Works with all MQTT clients and libraries like Eclipse Paho.
Data Security & Privacy
Data Security & Privacy
  • Ensure data security with MQTT over TLS/SSL or QUIC.
  • Authenticate with LDAP, JWT, PSK, and X.509 certificates.
  • Data privacy protection is in line with the EU’s GDPR.
  • Adopt cloud-native architecture based on Kubernetes. One-click deployment for on-premises or fully managed service.
Run Anywhere
Run Anywhere
  • Run anywhere in private, hybrid, and public clouds like AWS, GCP, and Azure without vendor lock-in.
High ROI with Low TCO
High ROI with Low TCO
  • Efficiently use network and server resources.
  • Pay by annual subscription, no costly one-off purchases.
  • Get high ROI from your IoT solutions with low TCO.
Global Technical Support
Global Technical Support
  • 7 branches in USA, Europe, Japan and China.
  • More than ten partners in Europe, USA and India.
  • 24/7 worldwide technical support service.

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EMQX Enterprise

Enterprise-grade on-premises deployment, self-managed

  • Cross-platform and multi-cloud deployment
  • Cloud-Native operation and maintenance
  • Various services and databases integration
  • Global technical support team
  • Annual subscription

EMQX Business Critical

Effective orchestration and governance of multiple clusters in business critical scenarios

  • Multi cluster Orchestration
  • Multi tenancy
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Global professional service
  • Annual subscription

EMQX Cloud

A fully managed MQTT service for IoT

Started at $ 0.18 per hour
  • Fully managed MQTT service
  • Deploy across multiple regions
  • Easy to manage and monitor
  • Non-stop scaling service
  • Pay as You Go