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When database meets stream computing: the birth of the streaming database!

The streaming database uses streams as the basic object and real-time as their main feature, and is a re-architecture and redesign of databases in the streaming era.

The EMQ X open source project officially adopts the RFC

To make our open source projects moving forward in a more innovative, positive, and efficient rapid iterative state, the EMQ X team announced that started to officially adopt the RFC process to collect suggestions from the community and to continuously improve the product's functions.

Run TensorFlow Lite model with Kuiper function plugin

In this tutorial, we walk you through building a customized Kuiper plugin to leverage a pre-trained TensorFlowLite model.

We’re gearing for community - EMQ X project newsletter 202102

Thanks to a great community & fantastic dedicated EMQX open-source team, we are developing features & fixes at a break neck pace.

MQTT X Script Function Tutorial

MQTT X has added a script function since v1.4.2. This article will introduce the use of the script function with two simple instances.

EMQ X Enterprise now supports the IoV GB/T32960 protocol

EMQ X Enterprise v4.2.3 adds the ability to access the IoV GB/T32960 protocol. This article will introduce how EMQ X can access GB/T32960 protocol devices.

EMQ X project newsletter 202101

Hello! This is our very first newsletter to share what’s happening in EMQ X open-source team.

MQTT X v1.4.2 released with script features

MQTT X v1.4.2 released with script features, automatically append a timestamp to Client ID and optimize some functions.

Build an EMQ X cluster based on HAProxy

HAProxy can provide high availability, load balancing, and TCP and HTTP based application proxies. This article will introduce how to build the EMQ X cluster based on HAProxy.

EMQ helps SAIC Volkswagen building IoV platform

The IoV access solution based on EMQ X provides functions such as persistence, southbound message caching, and secure authentication to meet SAIC Volkswagen's IoV platform's needs.