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Bridge Mosquitto MQTT messages to EMQ X

This article will take a simple example of configuration to demonstrate how to quickly bridge Mosquitto MQTT messages to EMQ X.

Payload Format Indicator and Content Type - MQTT 5.0 new features

Payload Format Indicators and Content Type are two new properties introduced in MQTT 5.0.

EMQ&YottaCloud-Retrospect and Prospect of IoT Energy Consumption Monitoring Project

With the continuous development of China’s economy and manufacturing industry, the pressure of industrial production on the environment and resources is increasing.

Reason code and ACK - MQTT 5.0 new features

MQTT v3.1.1 protocol has only 10 return codes. These return codes can represent little meaning, and the same return code value can have different meanings in different messages.

MQTT 5.0 new features | (1) properties and loads

Compared with MQTT 3.1.1, MQTT 5.0 protocol adds many properties, which are distributed in variable headers and payloads of packet.

EMQ X Persistence Plug-in Series (II) - InfluxDB Data Storage

InfluxDB is an open source sequential database developed by InfluxData. It was written by Go and focuses on querying and storing sequential data with high performance. InfluxDB is lighter than the OpenTSDB database introduced in the previous issue, and is better than OpenTSDB in benchmarking indicators given officially by InfluxData.

EMQ X helps operators build large-scale NB-IoT platform

NB-IoT is a new type of cellular technology developed by the 3GPP standardization organization. It belongs to the low-power wide-area (LPWA) IoT connection, that is mainly used to connect terminals with limited bandwidth resources, allowing terminals to collect and exchange data with less resources than GRPS, 3G, LTE and other technologies.

MQTT and Kafka

MQTT is completely different from Kafka. MQTT is a protocol and a technical standard developed by members (mostly are top engineers at IBM and Microsoft) of the OASIS Technical Committee. Kafka is an open source streaming platform that has been implemented. It was firstly developed by LinkedIn. After incubated by Apache Incubator in 2011 after opening source, it has became the top project of the Apache Software Foundation.

Introduction to Rule Engine- a New Function of EMQ X Enterprise

EMQ X rule engine is used to configure the processing and response rule of EMQ X messages or events. As a new important function of EMQ X in 2019, rule engine not only provides a clear and flexible "configurable" business integration solution ...

EMQ X Auto-cluster in Kubernetes

EMQ X supports automatic clustering through the Kubernetes service. You need to use kubeadm to create a 3 nodes cluster in Ubuntu before starting to build an EMQ X cluster as introduced in below.